Diamond Vapor Slot: Endorphina Vaporizes Cool Bonuses And Extras Here

You pull, it puffs and then it smells like strawberries, bananas or cherries! We are talking about the little brother of the water pipe, the vaporizer. Endorphina lives up to its company name and launches the slot machine “Diamond Vapor”. The passionate smokers, players and taste hunters of this world can be pleased. Endorphina likes to reach into the bag of tricks and uses topics that are not typical for slot machines. In this one, it’s the evil smoking, not just that, but also the hip, evil (supposedly healthier) smoking. From nicotine or…well, something else. To the vaporizers there are infinitely many flavors, which you can buy in addition. It starts with fruit flavours, regional or exotic, or expands with strange flavours. For this slot machine Endorphina has entered a cooperation with Diamond Vapor and named the game after the manufacturer of vaporizers. The Californian company is famous for special tastes and jumping on the trend train called “vaping”. Pull on the Ziese, wherever you are. Even if the station warden looks at you crookedly. Mega.

Technical features

The Diamond Vapor slot machine from Endorphina has five reels and ten paylines. Since the topic is supposedly healthier smoking, clouds of smoke continuously rise from the slot machine, suggesting that the smoke is well-groomed. As soon as the game starts we see the three main smokers, a sexy Fräulein in Hotpants, a smoker with red cap and the Oberhipster with a lot of Rauschebart. In any case, the three are so cool standing around in the slot machine that you almost forget the pictures of smokers’ lungs on the cigarette packs. Yeah! The symbols on the reels also have something to do with smoking or vaping. There are small containers with the flavours: apple, lemon, orange and raspberry. Other symbols are the hipster with a full beard, a vaporizer, the blonde girl, the hipster with the red cap, the vape bar logo and the Diamond Vapor logo. Advertising has never been so beautiful. The game buttons in this slot machine aren’t actually any, they’re just cubic graphics at the bottom of the reels. Endorphina solved it very simply. All those who have already had a crazy appetite for a cigarette can of course do so, because as it is now standard for slot machines, the player can press Autoplay. The music in the background we rather want to call music, because it is a mixture of tasteless village Shisha bar and leftovers fuck in a trendy disco in Potsdam. However, we must also add that the settings in the game are very clear and individually adjustable. You can adjust the view and also the music exactly as you like.

Bonies and winnings

We don’t want to withhold the bonuses and winnings in Diamond Vapor from our readers, after all there must be a compensation for the extremely irritating music of the slot machine.

The symbols in the slot machine all have a different rating. The symbol with the highest value (except the scatter symbol) is the Diamond Vapor symbol, followed by the vaporizer and the hipster with full beard. The symbols with the smallest value are the orange, apple and lemon flavors. The scatter icon is the Vape Bar icon. It can replace all other symbols, but not during free spins. Three or more scatter symbols trigger ten free spins. In a free spins, the symbols that are part of a winning combination expand. During free spins, more free spins can be won, which is very convenient.

Another cool extra is the risk game. It gives the player the chance to increase his winnings, because the winnings can be quintupled in the best case. The rules are very simple: the player has to choose a favorite and choose between the two hipsters. If you are right and your favorite wins, the win doubles. However, if you are wrong, you lose all your winnings. If you don’t want to risk anything, you can also turn down the risk game. Just click on the button “Take Win”.

We like Diamond Vapor! Endorphina didn’t use the usual tricks of the iGaming industry, but dared to do something and even non-smokers in our editorial office think that’s good. Try it!