Comdirect Offers Comprehensive Top-Price Fund Offering With 100% Discount

The Online Broker comdirect currently offers so-called top-price funds with a discount of 100% on the issue premium. Starting from a one-time investment at a value of 250 euro as well as with the help of a savings plan starting from 25 euro savings rate in the month the Angeht can be noticed. The funds are compiled by comdirect experts.

Customers can currently choose between three different fund types and models. In each category there are selected funds that can be closed or invested in. The investment classes are available conservative, balanced or opportunity-oriented. Depending on personal risk appetite, various funds are available here that can currently be closed.

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What distinguishes the current top-price funds in May 2018?

The corresponding top-price funds are characterized by the fact that the discount of 100% can be perceived in any case. This means that very inexpensive investments can be made here. In principle, the funds are suitable for setting up a basic portfolio or as a so-called addition to the portfolio. The selection of funds can be adapted to current market developments at any time.

Which funds does comdirect offer in the area of conservative funds?

Currently comdirect Bank offers three different funds in the area of conservative funds. The corresponding funds are offered by Kepler Fonds, Allianz and Carmignac. These are funds that deal with government bonds. It should be noted that Kepler funds, like Allianz GI funds, deal with government bonds in Europe. The Carmignac fund deals with global government bonds. These funds are considered to be very conservative and should provide quite reliable returns.

What funds are available in the balanced funds segment?

There are currently a total of 9 different funds in the balanced funds segment that are made available to traders by the experts at comdirect Bank. The core themes of the funds are very different. Some concern themselves with corporate bonds, others however with government bonds. There are also many funds that deal with or include equities. It should be noted that some funds focus on the equity market in Europe, others on the equity market worldwide.

The financial group BlackRock offers a suitable fund for equities in Europe and Robeco and Pictet have funds that deal with global equities globally. Traders who don’t want to be completely conservative, but want to take a corresponding risk, are quite well positioned with the funds in this category. It should be mentioned that it is also possible to invest here at a discount of 100%.

8 Funds for opportunity-oriented investment

comdirect Bank also offers its customers funds that stand for opportunity-oriented investment. This means that the risk here is significantly higher than is the case with the other funds, but the investment as a whole can also bring a higher return.

The themes of the funds are, for example, shares from Europe, shares from the USA, but also commodities and precious metals. There are also funds that deal with emerging markets.

What do I need to invest in funds at comdirect Bank?

Whoever wants to invest in funds at comdirect Bank can do so directly with a securities account. This can be opened and managed online. If the free current account of comdirect Bank is opened and managed parallel to the custody account, there are no account management fees for both products.

The customers of comdirect Bank can use the custody account to trade securities of all kinds without any problems. It is also possible that savings plans can of course also be concluded. These can be concluded without great effort with funds and ETFs. The bottom line is that comdirect Bank offers a wide range of trading options. New customers are welcomed, for example, with a discount of 50% on the order fee for a period of 6 months. When opening an account, it is therefore always worth paying attention to what action is currently running at comdirect. It is also possible for customers of comdirect Bank to receive a corresponding transfer premium, for example, for the transfer of a securities account from another broker to comdirect Bank. The higher the value of the securities account transferred, the higher the premium that is paid.

Comdirect Bank’s complete securities account can be conveniently managed via the Internet. The broker offers access to numerous domestic and foreign markets. It should be mentioned that comdirect Bank also supports over-the-counter trading. Complete trading can be carried out via a computer or laptop, but also via an app. In addition, comdirect Bank offers its customers more than just a comprehensive service. This means that the hotline can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by telephone or e-mail. The support is also offered without problems on weekends, which is very popular with traders.

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