Gambit Experience

Before the game for real money of the Bitcoins is started, often a test of the different games and offers is recommendable. However, since it is not possible to play for free and without deposit in every online casino, a few alternative addresses usually have to be used. One of these addresses is Gambit, where you can play for free at any time. Here are issued game coins, which the customers can secure for themselves for example through various actions. Whether it makes sense to take advantage of this offer or whether there are too big differences to the real money game, our Gambit experiences will show below.

Our experiences with Gambit

The portfolio of Gambit is quite unconventional. First of all it is important that no real money can be won here. The provider makes his games available for fun, but at the same time stimulates competition between customers. According to our Gambit experience, it is not only possible to play against other customers, but Leaderboards are also displayed where, for example, the most successful player of the last weeks is presented. The game offer is currently still a little limited, but focuses on numerous well-known casino classics. The offer is therefore absolutely suitable for beginners and inexperienced players, who want to collect a few impressions of the games without risk. At the same time, however, experienced gamblers can also find what they are looking for here, since Black Jack, for example, allows them to revise their own game strategies.

Gambit im Check: Fraud or serious?

In principle, the question of whether Gambit works seriously or not does not arise. The provider does not offer a real money game and therefore does not offer real winnings to the customers. In or disbursed nothing is here, why also from this view of the things no danger threatens. Of course, it is still relevant that everything in the games is done with the right things. However, in our experience with Gambit, players can rely on this at any time. Also the feedbacks of the remaining players are very promising and let some good experiences fall in the chat on the side of the casino.

The game offer in the overview

The portfolio of the casino is mainly intended for testing the own game abilities. That means that here above all card or skill plays are to be found, with which the customers may prove their being able. Especially interesting here is the fact that the games are not only played alone, but in some games also several customers compete against each other. The result is a competition that clearly boosts all the fun at the provider once again. In addition, every player can look at himself after our Gambit experiences also in the direct comparison with the remaining customers, since different leaderboards about the successes of the last days and weeks enlighten. In spite of missing chances of real money winnings, the personal ambition of the customers is awakened in every case. At the same time, awards are presented for individual successes, so that the own account also ensures prestige with the other customers. Each customer can also design the player account with the help of an avatar.

Not unimportant: According to our experience, the game is played exclusively in an instant game variant. The download of a software is therefore not necessary. It is also pleasant that every customer can also play as a guest. Thus a free credit of 100 coins is used to start the game, which can then be used in the different games without opening a player account.

Single-Player Games

The provider’s portfolio is divided into two different categories. On the one hand each player can compete alone against the computer, on the other hand duels against one or more other players are also on the agenda. Who would like to assert itself first of all alone against the computer, can try its luck for example with the Black Jack, Chains, Key Jammin, MoneyMania, Pineapple Run, Pineapple Rush or 2 hand Hold’em. In total, there are seven games available in this category, so you can make at least an acceptable choice. Interesting: The collected coins from the single-player games also contribute to the ranking of the leaderboards. So you don’t have to play against other customers to secure the title as the most successful player of the last days or weeks.

Multi-Player Games

Although the portfolio has been divided relatively fairly, the provider has a special focus on multi-player gaming. Thereby the competition is waked up and the players are driven also to ever better achievements. Altogether 14 Games are available in this category, to which the games Backgammon, Backgammon 8s, Bitnopoly, Capture, Dominoes, Dots Boxes, Grab’em Poker, Open Face Chinese, Oh Ship!, Penta, Round Yatzy, RockPaperScissors, World War and Yatzy belong. In addition to backgammon and domino, other games will also be familiar to the absolute newcomers. Bitnopoly, for example, is based on the game principle of the famous board game “Monopoly”, “Oh Ship!” is a digital variant of the classic “Sinking Ships”. Therefore we pay attention to good variety, which should make every fan of such games happy according to our experiences with Gambit.

Live Casino

A live dealer area or the like is not available at the provider. In our experience, this will not change for the time being, because the portfolio is oriented in a completely different direction. Nevertheless it is possible to communicate with other players. The Live Chat is responsible for this, which can be called up at any time by clicking on the “Chat” button in the lower right area of the website. In order to participate actively in the chat, however, an account opening is necessary. According to our Gambit test report, guest players can only read the messages of other customers.

New customer bonus: No reward for the new players

A real new customer bonus is not provided by the provider. Here one is not completely faithful thus to the standard of the market, since in most cases new players can profit in the Casinos from welcome offers. However this is not necessary in principle here also at all. Each player starts with 100 coins, which are made available free of charge. These can be used to earn additional coins, but they are also credited for the completion of certain tasks. For example, if you verify your email address, you will also receive a reward for additional coins. In addition, a “Freen Spin Wheel” is offered, where customers can win a certain number of coins. The bottom line is that the missing new customer bonus in our Gambit experience report is not particularly difficult to weight, especially as the starting credit of 100 coins can in principle also be evaluated as a bonus.

Deposit and payout: Payments play no role

Deposits and payouts play no role around the account at Gambit. The provider is only available for playing for fun and offers no opportunities for real money winnings. Accordingly, no deposits or withdrawals are processed here. That may not please each player necessarily well, is however straight for the beginners an optimal opportunity. So the individual games can be played free of charge without having to risk your own money.

Security and regulation: Fraud is not an issue at Gambit

As no real money can be won, no well-known licensing or regulation is necessary according to our Gambit experience. In addition, most of the games in the portfolio are multi-player games that are played against one or more other customers. The factor of luck is therefore less important than one’s own skill. Exactly for this reason no random generators or odds have to be checked, as is the case with games at a slot machine or video slot. According to our experience with the provider, the chat of the remaining customers can also clarify this. Who reads itself here a little, will discover numerous good experiences and positive feedbacks. If you play at Gambit, you can always expect a serious and reliable offer. A fraud in any case can be excluded naturally completely.

Support and customer service: Contacts stand ready

For the support of the customers the offerer makes different Player moderators available. These take care of the interests of the players and help with questions and problems reliably further. Please note that this support is always provided in English only. An own support center, which used to be an obvious part of the offer, seems to be closed meanwhile. Nevertheless, our experience has shown that customers can also use an FAQ area, which is again only available in English. Practical: If customers discover a bug on the website, the bug report can be used. Here, a screenshot of the screen is created and comments or texts are added at the same time. This screenshot is then sent to the provider, whereupon the error is removed.

User friendliness: No points of criticism to discover

Optically, the casino in comparison to other Bitcoin casinos not necessarily a real highlight, but according to our Gambit experience, customers can always rely on easy and trouble-free navigation and control. Of course, this has something to do with the limited portfolio, as all games can be called up with just a few clicks. At the same time, the structure of the casino plays an important role in this context. The menu navigation is logical and allows even inexperienced customers a trouble-free entry. Real points of criticism around the topic user friendliness are not to be called thus actually. A little pity is however that the entire homepage is offered at present exclusively in English language. In spite of some German customers no translation has been done yet. That is still a little improvement-worthy, whereby most customers can live with this circumstance completely surely however.

Positive is to be mentioned besides that during the use and play participation no crashes or other problems are to be feared. So the games always run smoothly, which of course contributes decisively to your own gaming fun in the casino. Finally, we would like to praise the easy access to the offer in the Gambit test report. If you don’t want to continue playing as a guest, you can open your own account within a few minutes. The fact that the account can easily be opened via Facebook, for example, is particularly practical. All data are then linked to those of the social network and do not have to be entered again.

Mobile App: No optimal solution found yet

The mobile offer of the casino currently still has a little ambivalent to be evaluated. Positive to emphasize is in each case that the customers can use in principle the offer after our experiences with the Smartphone or Tablet. However, an optimized version for the end devices is not yet available. This means that the entire content of the regular portfolio is transferred to the smaller screens of the smartphones and tablets. Of course, this is not the optimal solution, because especially with regard to navigation and overview, there are still a few noticeable gaps. It is also pleasant that no software download is required. The website is simply called up and the games can then be started immediately. Customers do not have to worry about costs or fees for using the mobile portfolio. Thus, mobile use is possible, but at the end of the day it can only be recommended to a very limited extent. The game is much more pleasant on the computer, but in an emergency it can also be played from on the go.

Fazit: For fun players a very good address

Gambit might not hit the nail on the head of every player with his portfolio, but can leave a very stable impression. Especially recommended is the offer for the inexperienced players, who want to participate in the different games themselves without much risk. At the same time, even experienced players can be happy if their own strategies and techniques are revised. The comparison with the other players is very interesting. This awakens the ambition of every customer and the competition starts with the first spin. It’s also great that the games can not only be played in single player mode, but are also often possible with several players. We currently see a slight need for improvement, especially in the language, where the provider is exclusively focused on English. Although this is not really a serious problem, the availability of the German language would of course be desirable, especially for players from Germany. In summary, we can therefore state a good result, even though the offer as a whole is certainly not suitable for every player.