The Ecogra Certification

eCOGRA. This is a term you will often encounter in the world of online casinos. What does this abbreviation mean and why is it so important? We will answer these questions and explain why eCOGRA is so important for the balance of the online gaming industry.


The name eCOGRA stands for eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. It is the most important seal of quality from the regulatory authorities to ensure that casinos treat their players fairly and honestly. They must meet high standards of satisfaction and provide players with a pleasant gaming experience.

The history of eCOGRA

The development of online casinos in the 1990s led to an increase in the number of game providers, but also in the number of players themselves. Unfortunately, there were several incidents that questioned the fairness and honesty of the game providers. This resulted in a decreasing number of casino players.

Finally, in 2002, online casino operator and software manufacturer Microgaming joined forces to found eCOGRA. As a result, many players who had lost confidence in online gaming could now feel safe again.

The goals of eCOGRA

eCOGRA were designed to improve the ethical foundations of the gaming industry. The aim was to create a fair basis and game rules for the entire gambling industry. eCOGRA also strives to inform players of their rights and obligations to ensure a pleasant gaming experience.

eCOGRA tries to introduce strict rules by regularly reviewing the sites they license. Their aim is also to improve current gaming laws by constantly updating them and taking new measures for the safety of members.

The role of eCOGRA in the gambling industry

One of the most important achievements eCOGRA has brought to the gambling industry is the seal of quality of the same name. This is only awarded to those online casinos that meet the strict rules. The eCOGRA “Seal of Approval” also guarantees that online casinos comply with the applicable regulations with regard to player safety, they stand for strict control of random number generators, fast payments and responsible behaviour on the part of game providers with regard to advertising measures.

As a member of eCOGRA, the providers undertake to undergo regular audits via a third party company. Afterwards, the casino recognized by eCOGRA can proudly present its seal on the home page so that all players can see it immediately. eCOGRA also offers a mediation service whose role is to help players defend their rights. If you have a problem with an online casino that has been certified by eCOGRA and is unable to solve it, you can also ask eCOGRA for help.

If you are visiting an online casino that does not have a Seal of Approval, you are not necessarily taking a risk.However, you cannot count on the help of an independent organization such as eCOGRA.

You can see the list of online casinos that have the label on the eCOGRA homepage.